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Campaign Priority - Student Financial Aid

Our Goal: $40,000,000

Priority Financial Aid for Students

Student scholarships make a significant difference in the lives of University of Detroit Mercy students. These funds ensure that a young man or woman can realize the dream of becoming a teacher, engineer, architect, nurse, dentist, lawyer or whatever path in life they wish to pursue. Scholarships offer students the opportunity to realize their boundless future through a Detroit Mercy education. They provide opportunity for students to discover a passion and grow as an individual. Scholarships give the first person in a family the chance to attend college and set a standard of academic achievement for their brothers, sisters and children to follow. They make it possible for parents to see their son or daughter walk across the graduation stage.

Using these important financial incentives, Detroit Mercy can recruit and retain more of the region’s most talented students and provide exciting possibilities for people who might otherwise not be able to attend college. The University can expand its reach to attract the best students in areas of the country who would not traditionally consider Detroit Mercy. This funding also offers fellowships, assistantships and grants to professional and graduate students, helping them pursue advanced degrees. More than 90 percent of Detroit Mercy students receive financial aid.

Contact Us

For more information about scholarship opportunities, please contact  Anita-Joyce Barnes, Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs at 313-578-0329 or

"Artona Millhouse '16I stood in this same spot, on this day last year, as a senior and recipient of the Mary Leila Koppe Endowed Scholarship. I now stand before you all as a proud first-generation college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to return and share an update on what life has been like since graduation...

I knew I was called to serve others; specifically children. I began to apply for jobs at schools, daycares and guidance centers until intuition directed me to The Children’s Center of Wayne County...

I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. The truth is the work is extremely challenging at times but the rewards are far greater."

--Artona Millhouse ’16

Read the entire story >>

Scholarships that are needed include:

Expendable Scholarships

Expendable scholarships are established through contributions to the University and are provided to deserving students each year. These scholarships must be renewed each year. Expendable scholarships have a significant impact on Detroit Mercy students because the full amount contributed is awarded to students. Current aid to students has a dramatic, immediate impact.

Expendable Scholarships Goals


Fully Expendable Tuition Scholarships

1 @ $1,000,000 


Expendable Scholarships

2 @ $500,000 


6 @ $250,000 


15 @ $100,000 


20 @ $50,000 


40 @ $25,000 


100 @ $10,000 




Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships contain funds invested by the University. Interest from those funds is distributed directly to students. Endowed scholarships provide a permanent source of support for Detroit Mercy students. The donor can establish specific criteria to support students with unique needs and backgrounds. The scholarship characteristics often reflect the values of the contributor. Endowed scholarships truly establish a legacy for the donor, the student and the University.

Endowed Scholarships Goals


Fully Endowed Tuition Scholarships

7 @ $1,000,000


Endowed Scholarships

5 @ $750,000


13 @ $500,000


35 @ $250,000


60 @ $100,000




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