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Titans Together is a branded communications effort that helps celebrate the solidarity of the University community when we come back together this fall. Titans Together focuses on the unity shared by students, staff and faculty on all three campuses working together and moving forward as we begin to adapt to new ways of conducting University business and operations. This page will be regularly updated as decisions are made and what you see here will be the most complete source of current information. Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you and your families will remain healthy and safe!

Returning to Campus

As the University community continues to plan for a phased return to campus, the Facilities, Safety and Health Work Group of the COVID-19 Task Force has developed a Guide for the Return to the Workplace to assist colleges and department leaders in considering guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.

Students who have questions about their individual colleges and classes should contact their associate deans or advisor to discuss their concerns.

“Although the majority of my classes are online, I still plan on coming to campus to get my work done. Of course I will follow all social distancing rules and regulations placed by the state and Detroit Mercy when coming to campus. It’s been tough working, doing school, and relaxing at home when all three activities are demanding and there is no distinct time or place to separates one from the other. Usually campus is where I would study, work is where I do work, and home is where I would relax, but now that everything is in one place attempting to balance my responsibilities has been a bit overwhelming. I’m looking forward to having some sense of normalcy back by studying on campus again.”
—Nurzahan Rahman, English major

Save time at the gate by pre-answering the screening questions focused on symptoms.

covidapp.pngYou'll receive a convenient confirmation or denial email. Along with your face-covering, this dated email must be shown to the officer at the entrance of all three campuses. Please remember that your honesty in answering these screening questions helps to keep our community safe.

Campus Safety Guide


Campus Safety Guide

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Questions/Comments on the Phased Return

We will post answers to your questions about returning to campus, as quickly as we can. Be aware that many answers regarding future semesters cannot be made definitively and may change as government requirements and expert advice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic changes frequently. We will do our best to keep these pages as up-to-date as possible. Use the form to pose your question. If you also want a private answer to a question, be sure to include your email.

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This branded communications effort emphasizes the importance of continuous support and care, which is inspired and illustrated by the countless stories of faculty, staff, students and alumni who continue to serve on the front line of the pandemic and who have been through our Snapshots of a Pandemic series.