Campaign Goal: Annual Support

Our Goal for Unrestricted/Annual Support: $10,000,000

“I became a regular donor after I graduated because I wanted to provide to other students  the same opportunity I had.” At an age when so many young professionals are struggling with student debt, Bruno Olviero '11, '14, makes it a point to donate to the University, both to the area of most need and to scholarships. He is the first in his family to attend college, earn a bachelor's degree, and earn a master's degree. Detroit Mercy scholarships made much of that possible, he said.

Unrestricted gifts offer the University boundless possibilities to help student or faculty projects, sudden-need student financial aid and campus improvements.

Continued annual giving is vital to the success of the advancement of University of Detroit Mercy. The University must attend to its daily and annual needs to assure a boundless future for students. The Annual Fund sustains many of these ongoing needs and allows the University flexibility in budgeting and allocating support for all institutional operations.

Raised - 73%

In terms of annual giving, the University’s needs are:

Unrestricted/Annual Support




Gifts made during the University’s fiscal year, July 1 - June 30, can provide the University with the necessary financial support to carry out its mission.

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    The Fund for Detroit Mercy

    Gifts made to The Fund for Detroit Mercy allow the donor to support all areas of campus life while allowing the University the greatest amount of flexibility in how the dollars are spent, providing Detroit Mercy with the financial resources to respond to new opportunities and unexpected challenges as they arise.


    Designated Gifts

    Annual gifts to the University can also be designated to the college/ school or program of the donor’s choice or an endowed or expendable scholarship. 

    To designate your gift, simply place your request in writing and submit it along with your gift. You will receive full credit in recognition societies for gifts designated to specific University needs.


    Honor/Memorial Gifts

    You can support Detroit Mercy and celebrate a significant occasion, remember a loved one, or recognize someone special by designating your gift to a number of Detroit Mercy funds, programs or projects. Detroit Mercy’s tribute giving program is a great opportunity to honor faculty members, classmates, parents or friends -- anyone who has inspired, challenged, or touched your life. 

    For families making funeral arrangements, there are special tribute envelopes available upon request.  To learn more about the various areas of support, and tribute opportunities contact Anita-Joyce Barnes, Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs at 313-578-0329 or


    Leadership Gifts

    Capital and Endowed Giving: A Legacy of Extraordinary Generosity

    Alumni, parents and friends are often interested in seeking opportunities to support the University’s mission through gift planning around institutional priorities and donor interest. 

    Capital and endowed gifts typically form part of a portfolio of giving to the University, which includes a leadership annual gift. Examples where recent capital and endowed gifts have made a marked impact at Detroit Mercy include University Ministry, residential life, athletics and the University library.  Targeted support for each of our colleges for new and innovative programs has also been vital to the success of these programs.

    Capital and endowed gifts may be funded via a combination of outright gifts of cash and securities, limited partnerships, real estate, other forms of tangible personal property and may include a planned gift component including bequests, trusts and annuities or similar vehicles. 

    For additional information regarding capital and endowed giving, please contact Arnold D'Ambrosio, Vice President of University Advancement at 313-993-1540.  

    To make a one-time gift or pledge, go to our forms page for the correct online or downloadable form.