Personal Training

Personal trainer working out.What is personal training? Motivation, physical prescription, and instruction. A personal trainer will help you with your fitness goals by catering your workouts to YOU. Correcting imbalances, building strength, losing weight, or simply staying in shape, a personal trainer will keep you accountable and on task.

Why do I need it? Personal training isn't for everyone, but if you have trouble staying motivated, don't know where to start, or don't know the first thing about physical fitness, a personal trainer can help. With the rise of chronic diseases like obesity, personal trainers know how to get started on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to put on muscle mass, a trainer can create a workout for you. If you want to lose weight, a trainer can help you. Along with the physical aspect, a trainer can put you in contact with a nutritionist to help create the perfect meal plan for your goals.

Contact personal trainer Matt Chelsey at 313-993-1784 or for more information. Or come see Matt Monday through Friday between 10 a.m.-6 p.m. for a free assessment.

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    Student Prices
    $30 (1 session)
    $85 (3 sessions)
    $125 (5 sessions)
    $240 (10 sessions)

    Staff/Faculty Prices
    $35 (1 session)
    $105 (3 sessions)
    $160 (5 sessions)
    $300 (10 sessions)

    Buddy Prices
    $50 (1 session)
    $140 (3 sessions)
    $200 (5 sessions)
    $340 (10 sessions)

    Payment is now available via Employee Payroll Deduction. See the front desk for details.



    I can't thank you enough for all your guidance over the last year.  Last September I was very nervous about working with a trainer, and it turned out to be such a positive experience for me.  I'm signing up for a boot camp class through our city's community center and I bought myself some resistance band and an exercise ball.  I'm determined to continue exercising at least 3 times a week.  Thanks to you, I now have the confidence to exercise and will feel like I know what I'm doing. 
    -Lynn McLean

    "I have attended Matt's work out classes for close to two years. Once he became a certified personal trainer I had to take classes with him and work one-on-one. Mr. Chesley has a deep passion for working out and staying fit. He puts his heart and soul into each of his workout classes. He has his own fitness testimony that connects him directly to many of your fitness goals. Hence to say, he can feel your pain, he has had the same thoughts of food over indulgence, and he shares the overarching desire to stay fit.

    Each of his classes are uniquely different, which assures that you won't get bored or accustom to the same workout regimen. This promotes muscle confusion which results in weight loss. Matt is very dedicated, focused and driven by his passion to stay fit and live a life of good health and wellness. He exposes his trainees to a variety of physical fitness exercises that will promote endurance, mental focus and toughness as well as an attitude of “I can do it,” which is the best feeling to experience in the world. He had challenged me to some tough workouts and upon completion I stated that I didn't know I could do that!

    I celebrated once because he had to cancel one of my training classes, but I celebrate immensely upon the completion of a difficult training session. Matt takes his fitness session serious and the workout session with his trainees even more serious. I have almost completed 30 sessions of one-on-one fitness sessions with Matt. He gives a 100 percent effort each session and expects the same 100 percent effort from me as well. Some of the workouts are tough, but I enjoy the tough ones, besides they only make me stronger. If you are looking for a physical fitness trainer let me recommend Matt who is:

    A       bility; has an uncanning fitness ability to help you reach your fitness goals

    W      ill share some of the workout regimens with you to keep you focused and motivated

    E       nergy; you will gain endurance, and energy as a result of the exercise regimen

    S       upport; you will receive a tremendous amount of support

    O      ptimistic; Matt is optimistic, he offers opportunities for you to choose your level of difficulty and as always he expects outstanding participation.

    M     aximize; Matt does not believe in magic, and will not minimize your workout. You have to grind it out with blood, sweat, and tears. He will Maximize, Maximize, Maximize! Keep in mind if you want results, you must do the work! The great things is Matt will be there to support you all the way to you crossing the finish line to reach your goal!

    E      xemplary fitness persona and he is full of energy.

    You should want Matt Chesley to be your fitness trainer because he is AWESOME!"

    -Norma Goodlett

    "As a full time senior nursing student at Detroit Mercy and being employed full time, on my own I found it very hard to find motivation to want to get to the gym. It was a consistent “sleep vs. exercise” battle, and sleep always won. Although I consider myself to be an active curvy woman (participating in recreational softball and volleyball), I still felt I was lacking the physical fitness and endurance my body needed. Given that my January wedding was around the corner, I knew I needed an extra push to tone up my figure.

    I have an active membership to Planet Fitness, but the lack of commitment, energy and just plain saying 'Ahhh, I'll go tomorrow,' made the membership quite useless. So I looked into personal training hoping it would give me a sense of accountability seeing that I had to pay for it and that I would have someone waiting to which I would not want to disappoint for not showing up. When I first looked into personal training the prices were unbelievably expensive. It was not until I came upon a flyer posted in the Briggs building advertising that Detroit Mercy offered personal training at a reasonable student price that I said to myself, 'Ok this is possible.'

    When I scheduled my appointment I was able to do a free consultation so that we could see where my starting point was and what I was looking to achieve and how often I wanted to train. I committed myself to two days a week and worked with personal trainer Matt Chesley for the Winter 2015 semester.

    I was a little intimidated at first, given that I didn't feel physically fit and didn't want to embarrass myself if I could not perform certain tasks. But it was a legitimate judgment free zone. Matt walk me through each exercise and the proper formation and mechanics of each. He pushed me to my limit and even motivated me to work beyond that. I like that he incorporated many different exercises and variations I could do on my own or at home if I did not have the official equipment accessible to me. He did not let me slack, nor did I want to because in reality I was paying for this and did not want to waste my money, and I really wanted my physical features to be flawless on my wedding day.

    Matt is a very friendly, positive and easy to get along with kind of guy. I felt that his personality and knowledge created an environment to which I could achieve my goals and tasks without judgment or criticism. With his help I was able to get my body toned (to which I received many compliments on my wedding day) and best of all I was able to lose weight in the process. I was not expecting to lose weight but that is major bonus points.

    I know I have said it many times, but thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me, staying committed to me and pushing me to achieve my fitness goal for the semester. It meant a lot to me and allowed me to feel very confident in myself on my wedding day. I truly appreciate it.

    Thank you and God bless."

    Sharon T. Colon


    About Matt Chelsey

    Matt Chesley joined Detroit Mercy in 2012 with the opening of the Student Fitness Center. In his years as University Recreation's Fitness & Equipment Coordinator, Matt has developed new fitness classes, started the Detroit Mercy Biggest Loser and lost more than 70 pounds. In August 2015, he became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with specializations in Fitness Nutrition and Cardiorespiratory Training for Fitness. Let him help you reach your goals!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is the personal trainer certified?

    A: Yes. Matt carries a lifetime certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

    Q: What does the personal trainer specialize in?

    A: Matt can help with all fitness needs, but fitness nutrition and weight loss are his prime areas of expertise.

    Q: I just want to tone. Can the trainer help me with that?

    A: Matt can, and has, helped with that issue.

    Q: I'm a student. Is there a discount for me?

    A: Yes. Student, Employee, and Buddy rates are available.